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Please READ the privacy policy BEFORE USING THE SITE is a website ("Site") operated by "TORGOVY DIM EXPRESS LOK" LLC, with an office in Brovary. The terms "we", "our" and "us" will refer to it in the Privacy Policy.
We respect your privacy and are interested in protecting the sensitive information about individuals who visit our site, register and purchase on our website, and in particular, personally identifiable information ("personal information"). By using this site, you agree to the Site's Privacy Policy presented here.
This privacy policy defines the scope and manner in which personal data obtained through the website will be collected, stored, used, disclosed and disposed of.
What information is collected and processed and why?
The information we collect depends on how you use the website, whether you make a purchase or not, what services you expect to receive from us and what you consent to.

Our processing of personal data is always based on the existing legal basis, which in most cases, in turn, is based on one of the following organizational and legal bases: your consent to the processing of personal data in one or more specific tasks.

Using our site constitutes your consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes specified in this document. We do, however, require separate consent to use your personal data to send you e-mail messages, text messages and regular e-mails containing information about products, services or other competitions and promotions that may be of interest to you ("Direct Marketing").

The processing of your data may be necessary for the agreement in which you are a party, and it is necessary to enter your details for concluding the agreement. In this regard, if you have ordered products on this site or requested news or other information from us, we consider this as the conclusion of a contract.

Data processing may also be necessary to comply with legal obligations, in accordance with the law.

Data processing may be necessary for the legitimate purposes of our customers, unless such purposes violate your rights requiring the protection of personal data.

This service:
● improves and optimizes the operation of the website and the user experience of visiting our site;
● necessary for performance analysis and customer segmentation to improve our customer understanding and provide better service to our customers;
● with its help, we provide our customers with the necessary support;
● is prevention, diagnosis and guidance in the detection of fraud, crimes and other cases of improper use of our facilities and services, as well as your personal data.

We may also process your personal data for other reasons, if permitted by applicable data protection regulations.

If we ask you to provide us with your personal data, we inform you that your personal data is a mandatory requirement for the transaction. This is a necessary condition for concluding a contract and providing you with information about the order process. Failure to provide the data will result in us not being able to accept or process your order or provide the services you have ordered.

When placing an order for our products using the website, we need to receive the following information from you: your name, email address, delivery address, phone number, product name. This information will allow us to process your order and contact you in case of any questions. We may also store and use your personal data to administer and respond to any customer service inquiries.

From time to time we run surveys, contests or other promotions. If you agree to participate in one of our surveys, contests, receive newsletters or other advertisements, we may request personal information such as your name, email address, telephone number, purchasing habits, interests, and other relevant information. Part of this information will be a mandatory condition for participation in the promotion; other information will be optional. We will tell you whether the information is mandatory or optional.

If you have checked the appropriate box when registering on our website, this means that you agree to receive emails, text messages or letters containing direct marketing from us to receive information about our company's products, services or other competitions and promotions that may represent interest ("Direct Marketing") by e-mail, SMS or regular mail.

We also use your personal information to operate and improve the website and deliver the products and services you have ordered. As explained below, we will track the pages you visit and how you use the website in order to determine which products are most popular and how to optimize site content. We may also periodically review your personal data and information about other customers to improve our analysis of trends, purchasing behavior, preferences and site demographics.

We may use this information to segment customers and personalize your purchases using your product interest, purchasing behavior, and purchase information to recommend other products, services or promotions that we believe will be of interest to you. For these purposes, we also collect and combine the data you provide.

When you send us an inquiry, you may request that we identify you by the name and/or email address you provide, and provide us with other relevant information in order to trigger an appropriate response, if necessary. We may also decide, but cannot guarantee, that we will always keep a record of communications with you.

Much of the information we collect on the website does not identify you, although it may be unique or include information that is perceived as personal. This information typically includes your IP address, Internet Service Provider ID, name and version, operating system name and browser version, the date and time of your visit, the pages you visited, and any keywords you used while visiting the site. . This information cannot be used to identify you unless you have identified yourself, for example by making a purchase, creating an account or providing us with your email address. If you have identified yourself, we may combine the information sent to us by the browser with the personal data you provide to us in order to perform customer analysis and customer segmentation, and to personalize your shopping experience.

Who do we share information with?
We may share information with our trusted third party service providers who are interested in helping us operate this site, process your order, deliver the goods or services you have ordered, perform statistical analyses, send email, text messages or email notifications. mail and perform other important services. These companies will process your personal data only in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with the purposes described above.
How long do we keep information?
Information about your personal data will be stored by us in a form that allows you to be identified no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the law. This means that we will keep and process your personal data for as long as we provide our services. We will continue to do so for as long as necessary to resolve any potential disputes that may arise in connection with the services provided by our firm.

We will delete any information that appears to be inaccurate or out of date because of the time that has passed since the meeting or any other information in our possession.

If you contact us with a written request, we will also delete your personal data without undue delay.

Your rights: How to unsubscribe and withdraw your consent

We respect the fact that you have certain rights under applicable data protection regulations, including the right to ask us to correct or delete personal data or to limit the data you refer to.

If you do not want to receive information from us, want to update or change your personal information or preferences, withdraw the consent you have given us, or any other way you want to exercise your rights, please send a request to address provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.

To withdraw your consent to receive newsletters and other similar materials, and to cancel your email subscription, you may also follow the instructions in any email or other communications received from us.

Problems or questionsIf we receive information about questions and problems related to the operation of our site, we will try to eliminate these problems as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions, concerns or complaints about our privacy policy, please contact us using the contact details listed at the end of this Privacy Policy.
Information about us and how to contact us:You can always contact us:
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