We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation 


Door manufacturers

For manufacturers of interior doors, we offer:

1. Quality and Reliability:
- Guaranteed high quality products.
- Compliance with all safety standards and regulations.
2. Assortment:
- A variety of designs and types of products.
3. Flexible Delivery Terms:
- Various delivery options depending on the order volume.
- Possibility of batch and wholesale orders.
4. Customized Orders:
- Possibility of individual orders and customization of products for specific customer requirements.
5. Support and Service:
- Technical support and advice on products.
- Flexible warranty and return policy.
6. Affordable Prices and Discounts:
- Competitive prices for manufacturers.
- Possibility of discounts and bonuses depending on the order volume.
7. Marketing Support:
- Provision of marketing materials and advertising samples.
- Joint events and advertising campaigns to promote products.
8. Sustainability and Environmental friendliness:
- Products manufactured in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
- Environmentally friendly materials and technologies.
9. Logistics:
- Efficient logistics and delivery system.
- Optimized delivery times.
10. Quality Control:
- A system of strict quality control at all stages of production.


Trade and construction organizations

We invite you to cooperate

To promote and distribute our products, we offer mutually beneficial conditions and invite you to cooperate.
We are interested in expanding the market for our products and are looking for dealers and sales representatives in all regions of Ukraine and the EU. We conclude long-term contracts with the possibility of granting exclusive rights in the region.
Our company offers quality products at competitive prices. Partnership with our company will certainly have a positive impact on the development and functioning of your business.
Requirements for partners and dealers:- Work experience in selling similar goods and services, availability of an active customer base.- Achievement of sales volumes that correspond to the market capacity of their region.- Developing relationships with B2B businesses.- A desire to develop and expand your business.
If you would like to become a partner, representative or dealer of our company, or you have any additional questions, please contact our office by phone or send us a request, and we will contact you as soon as possible!


Internet shops

We invite you to cooperate

Dear partners. We have a special section on our website for sharing data for partner sites. If you have your own website and are interested in expanding your range, you can use our product upload for your website. Filling your own website has never been so easy. Thanks to our uploading (database), you can easily place our products on your website. All the necessary information is provided for each product: name, article number, description, prices, sizes, color, pictures, etc.

In order to start working with us, you should register on the site, call our manager and say that you want to access data exchange. After that, we give you access. Our data exchange file will allow you to place products on your site without much effort. The exchange file is a direct link.

Unfortunately, in order to add products to the site, you will most likely need the services of a programmer. The programmer's task is to process this file, upload it to your site and set up periodic updates. The data file is regularly updated on our server, and you will always be able to have an up-to-date nomenclature on your site. The file format is specially simplified as much as possible, so that it is as easy as possible for the programmer to work with this file, thereby reducing the development time and reducing the costs of the entire integration of the system on your site.

Access to our catalog (download) is completely free. This will enable you to start working with us with minimum costs.

We are ready to provide full support at every stage of your experience with us


Terms of cooperation

Documents containing information about the counterparty:
• Client card (the form is attached), filled out and signed by the manager or an authorized representative of the counterparty.
• A copy of the state registration certificate of the counterparty - legal entity or individual entrepreneur, certified by the counterparty.
• A copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authority of the counterparty - legal entity or individual entrepreneur, certified by the counterparty.
• Copies of the certificate/statement (for legal entities) or to the statement (for individual entrepreneurs) certified by the counterparty.

Documents confirming the authority of the person signing the contract, a sample of their signature:
• Copies of the Articles of Association and all registered amendments thereto (for legal entities) certified by the Buyer.
• The original of the duly completed power of attorney for the representative, if the contract will be signed by the representative of the Buyer (the power of attorney form is attached).
• A copy of the individual entrepreneur's passport.
• A copy of the passport of the person signing the contract (if the power of attorney does not have an authentic sample of his signature).
• A copy of a passport or other document with a sample signature of the head of a legal entity acting on the basis of the Charter (recommended).
Documents for cooperation:
• Agreement (in PDF format, 112.58 KB)
• Annexes to the contract (in PDF format, 54.83 KB)


Sales support

Here's how we're here to help you:
1. Consultations and Expert Opinion:
Our experienced specialists are always ready to answer your questions, provide advice on product selection and share their expert opinion.
2. individual approach:
We understand that each client is unique. Therefore, we are ready to adapt our services and offers to your specific needs.
3. technical support:
If you have any technical questions or difficulties with the installation, our experts are ready to provide technical support to ensure that your experience with the products is flawless.
4. training and seminars:
We hold training events and seminars for our clients to share knowledge and the latest trends in the industry.
5. Marketing Support:
Provision of promotional materials, brochures, samples and stands to support your marketing activities.
6. Flexible Terms:
We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation, taking into account your requirements and business features.
7. After-sales service:
Our care for you does not end after the purchase. We are ready to provide after-sales service and solve any questions you may encounter.

We can say with confidence that your experience with us will not only be pleasant, but also supported by our team of professionals. Contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you.