About us

About us

About the PALADII group of companies

Welcome to the world of stylish and reliable door hardware - your key to sophistication and security!

Our company is not just a supplier of door hardware; we are your partner in creating the home you have always dreamed of having. Our product range includes not only high-quality handles and locks, but also sophisticated design solutions that add sophistication and character to your space.

What makes our hardware special? It is a combination of elegance and functionality. We always take into account the latest trends in design and technology to make every element of our hardware a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.



Our story

We have been working for the benefit of our clients for over 20 years.

     It all started back in 2003 with the sale of household goods and door fittings in the markets of Kyiv. Having studied consumer demand, we found out that the hardware market has a limited range of products, no comprehensive solution within one brand and too high a price, and then we decided to create our own brand that would solve the main tasks - a comprehensive solution with a wide range and an affordable price!
In 2003, the first company, Trading House Express Lock LLC, was established and its own trademark, PALADII, was registered. Over the past 20 years, the company has achieved significant success. Today, we have signed agreements with national retail chains such as Epicenter, Nova Liniya, Leroy Merlin, 33m2, Budman, Oldie and are represented in the Internet resources Rozetka, 27ua and others, import and export door fittings under our own brand, became a member of the Ukrainian Door Association, and participates in specialized construction exhibitions in Ukraine! Throughout our existence, we have been tested by three financial crises in 2008, 2014, and 2020, during which we lost a lot of financial resources. But thanks to the team spirit, dedicated staff and the right decisions of the management, the company has overcome the challenges! We set a goal to be the best! It was a cherished dream for us. We have been working towards it for many years.
All the achievements of the company would not have been possible without the team that works to achieve the goals. Trading House Express Lock LLC does not stand still. We try to keep up with our partners and the times!!!
Only our well-coordinated and organized work gives us the opportunity for further development and victory!

Mission and values

Our mission is not just to provide the means to open and close doors. We create opportunities for you to feel comfortable and safe in your space. Any of our products is a promise of reliability and style, built on long-term traditions and innovations.

Choose our door hardware and you choose not just a product, but a part of your home, where every touch is aesthetics, and every lock is a guarantee of your safety. Welcome to the world where every door is an opportunity to express your style and add a unique charm to your space!


Our goal is to bring safety and comfort to every home at the most affordable prices. You don't just choose our products - you choose peace and comfort for your home. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own space. Choose us, choose safety and convenience for your life.