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Our mission is not just to provide the means to open and close doors. We create opportunities for you to feel comfortable and safe in your space. Any of our products is a promise of reliability and style, built on long-term traditions and innovations.Choose our door hardware and you choose not just a product, but a part of your home, where every touch is aesthetics, and every lock is a guarantee of your safety. Welcome to the world where every door is an opportunity to express your style and add a unique charm to your space!
"Our goal is to bring security and comfort to every home at the most affordable prices. You don't just choose our products - you choose peace and comfort for your home. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own space. Choose us, choose safety and convenience for your life."
The activities of our company are based on the exchange of information and individual responsibility of each specialist for the tasks assigned to him.
For us, our clients are a value that cannot be mistaken.

We know how to make interior door hardware: beautiful, elegant and reliable. It will help you create the perfect solution for your doors, emphasize the uniqueness of your interior and ensure reliable operation for many years.

Trademark PALADII 

What we offer:


High quality materials and workmanship

PALADII is known for its commitment to excellence. All PALADII door hardware is made of high quality materials such as brass, stainless steel and aluminum. This ensures the strength and durability of the products, which is especially important for interior door hardware, which is subjected to regular loads when opening and closing doors.


Aesthetics and design

PALADII fittings are not only of high quality, but also of exquisite design. The brand offers a wide range of models so that every customer can find the fittings that perfectly match the style of the interior. Whether you prefer classic, modern, minimalist or retro style, PALADII has options that will satisfy your needs.


A variety of finishes

Another advantage of PALADII fittings is the variety of finishes. You can choose between different types of coatings, including chrome, gold, antique copper, brushed nickel and many others. This allows you to create a unique style for your interior and emphasize its features.


Easy installation and reliability

PALADII door hardware is also easy to install, making it accessible to most consumers. Thanks to reliable mechanisms and high quality workmanship, you can be sure that your door hardware will serve you for many years.


Security and comfort

One of the key aspects of door hardware is security. PALADII pays great attention to this aspect, offering products with innovative mechanisms that provide protection against unauthorized access. At the same time, PALADII door hardware provides comfortable use, which is important for the daily functioning of your home.

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You buy products directly from the manufacturer, bypassing intermediaries and optimizing the cost.

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Supply of door hardware for door manufacturers. We know all the details of the process.

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We take care of all issues related to the manufacture and supply of products. 20 years of experience in the world of door hardware.

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